The ‘Jade Collection is a Hong Kong based antique jade trader. Our aim is to provide quality authentic Chinese antique jade to the collectors worldwide.

We started our family business of collecting and trading Chinese antique jades from the 1900’s. It is when my grand-grand-father developed a deep interest in the historical objects, which drove him to travel all over the China to study and collect antiques. At that time, many Chinese families kept a few pieces of antique objects got from their grandsires (mainly some jade pendants or statues). My grand-grand-father collected items from these families and antique dealers in different cities. From time to time, he began trading among the antique dealers. This was the beginning stage of our family business.

My grand-father, my father and I grew in an environment which allow us to learn and appreciate the beauty of Chinese ancient jades. Jade, to us, become not only a family business but also a family culture. Over the years, we kept great relationships among the dealers and collectors in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China (mainly Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Henan, Zhejiang and Suzhou areas). We studied and examined tens of thousands of archaic jade pieces and passed all these priceless knowledge and experiences through the four generations. To carry on the passion in the antique jade business and to make it more accessible to the people worldwide, we established this website in June 2008. We are confident that our reliable sources and the rich experiences could make us one of the leading authorities in the Chinese antique jades.

Other parties or collectors may have studied more literature, however, we believe that our experiences of trading among the antique dealers are unique and irreplaceable. “A soldier always grows faster and stronger in a battle than in the theory classes.” This is the biggest difference between Jade-Collection and the others.